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Small kitchens need big ideas, some clever designs and ingenuity. If your new apartment has a tiny kitchen and you don’t want your cooking to spill on to dining space or living room, below are 10 trendy modular kitchen design ideas that you can use.


As much as it may feel painful to make do with tiny cabinets, they look quite lovely and can make organisation so much more easier. These little cubby’s can go up anywhere, either towards the ceiling, over the window space or even on bare walls.


Adding a single ledge or shelf allows you to keep all your frequently used items discreetly and within easy reach. This is a great alternative to open shelving and also showcase cutlery and utensils that look beautiful.


As pot racks become common, it’s easy to see why they look beautiful and are functional too. Bulky pans and vessels take up much real estate and in small kitchens, this is a criminal waste. Racks over the counter or table are easily accessible and lend to the decor.


There’s really nothing that can go wrong with white. In small kitchens, white cabinets dramatically brighten and expand the space. Besides the effect, ‘white’ also blends with a multitude of wall colors.


We previously used copper in our utensils, but they have now made a comeback in shelves and furniture accessories. Copper shelves are bare bone, open and mimic the open kitchens of old. Their beautiful color also lends to the look of the space.


Black cabinets may contradict what we previously said about whites, but they look smart and beautiful if done well. In small spaces, black looks attractive and affords a balance when paired with different colored walls.


Mirrors reflect objects in small kitchens, giving the illusion of light and space. White cabinets and walls further add to the sense of space while making the room look elegant.


Stainless steel kitchens look beautiful in small spaces. Their elegant and silvery sheen reflect the surroundings, making them appear larger, while adding some excitement and dimension to a tiny space.


Glass doors make for an excellent addition to tiny kitchens, since they give the illusion of the cooking space extending into the dining or living area. Glass doors look good anywhere and especially in small apartments struggling with space constraints.


Although this may sound crazy, saturating a small kitchen with one color actually makes it look trendy and contemporary. Choose a color that you love and go crazy with it. You will always love walking into the space.


Mirrors can be placed anywhere and look especially good as backsplashes. They appear sophisticated, reflect the happenings in a kitchen and even the color of the cabinetry.


Have you ever wondered how a gas cooktop takes up much space on kitchen counters? Just replacing it with an electric cooktop that doubles up as a countertop can automatically increase the space. 

Tiny kitchens and small apartments offer a great canvas to test your design and decor skills. If you take it on as a project, there is much you can do and many options you can explore. For design ideas on small kitchens, reach out to us at HomeLane.

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  1. Yes, I agree “electric cooktop”, automatically increase the space.
    And “pot racks”, It looks very messy -_-
    But, you put the great ideas for my small kitchen design inspiration.thanks.

  2. StarHardware

    I totally agree with you that that small kitchen needs some really creative ideas to look spacious and look beautiful. People are always confused with tiny kitchens and end up with unsatisfied kitchen designs. Thanks for sharing some important design ideas for tiny kitchens, its really very helpful.

  3. It’s very awesome post! This post useful for all. These are luxury interior kitchen designs. I really loved it! Modular kitchens are is the main part of home. Thanks for sharing wonderful information to us. Keep it write more!
    I Will share to my social media.

  4. Josh Taylor

    Nice blog about bathroom and kitchen remodeling services Charlotte.

  5. Anuj Tomer

    Very good collection of trending modular kitchen designs, Modular kitchen provides you more storage area compare to regularly designed kitchen, more storage means more food, more cabinets etc. So I will suggest you to upgrade your kitchen to have more space and keep going with latest trends.

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