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Contemporary is one of the most oft-repeated words that one hears, whether it is about the choice of your kitchen design or about life in general. Many may think of it as an idea, or a concept or even a phrase, and they are not far from the truth. Contemporary kitchens are a mix of your personality with functional aesthetics.

small contemporary kitchen

What does the phrase contemporary kitchen mean to you?

Is it the newness of the space or a reflection of current kitchen trends?

Contemporary in a broad sense conveys newness, being in the ‘here and the now’, and encompassing new ideas and thoughts. When it comes to kitchens, ‘contemporary’ is a mix of different styles; a bit of the old and eclectic, idiosyncrasies of the homeowner that sit comfortably with new thoughts, designs and ideas.

Contemporary cannot be confused with modern, because they are two different concepts. While modern designs are closed, adhering to strict principles and ideas and rarely stray away from them, Contemporary Kitchen Designs on the other hand are more accepting and accommodating, making the best of existing styles, an individual’s eccentricities, functional use and their own unique perspective and design style.

Contemporary kitchens are easy and functional, but they can also be infused with oodles of aesthetics, striking colors and unique design elements to make them unique.


Contemporary isn’t for everyone, but many people today are accepting this concept in their kitchens and even homes. If traditional or old-world kitchen décor seems too staid and doesn’t hold the same charm, while modern designs feel too cold, aloof or understated, then contemporary can be your choice, blending together the best of both worlds. These kitchens can be made your own – minimalist, striking, bold, and infused with your own personality.


Designing a contemporary kitchen isn’t hard in itself. What needs to be considered is bringing all the design elements together so that it doesn’t appear under or overwhelming. Whether doing it yourself or with a kitchen design expert, one must always remember the main purpose of a kitchen – the functionality it brings to a space. Therefore, planning the layout, cabinets, design and style are the basic aspects to consider. Once these are done, you can then add your thoughts to the space, choose your décor color, cabinet shutters and finishes, contrasting patterns and even overall kitchen color scheme.

straight contemporary kitchen


  • Decide whether you want to contrast shutter finishes with laminate and wood or go for a universal simple look and color.
  • Shutter color and finish should be decided wisely, because once installed cannot be replaced for a couple of years. Rather than going with elaborate décor or impulsively chosen striking colors, experiment with the tiles or paints for the backsplash or play with colors of curtains or kitchen towels. This ensures that while the main kitchen components are simple, the rest can be made striking and vibrant.
  • Wall paints can also be used to showcase your adventurous style. Although neutral colors like white, pastel blues and pinks are standard, you can experiment with bold colors such as turquoise green or dark lavender if the kitchen receives plenty of natural light. Alternatively small compact kitchens will benefit from warm yellow or orange, sunny wall colors that are matched to kitchen cabinets.
  • Adding décor elements like striking or vibrant cutlery, wall paintings, quirky wall lamps or hanging pendants, bright metal stands and even DIY hacks such as peg boards and hanging pans as seen here, add a touch of quirkiness to the kitchen, lending it your own uniqueness.
  • Open shelving for some parts of the cabinets allows you to display collectibles, interesting artefacts and cutlery that make for great conversation starters. Although high on maintenance, they are very convenient. What matters though is their placement and arrangement of different elements.

Contemporary kitchens are a reflection of your personality and taste. There are a variety of styles and color combinations to choose from. For more design ideas from kitchen décor experts and unique customized kitchen solutions, visit us at www.homelane.com

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