A wardrobe is a tall, large cabinet or closet used for hanging and storing clothes. It even refers to a room or area where clothes are kept.

wardrobe designs

Previously called an armoire or closet, it is a large storage space, occupying a small portion of the bedroom. They can either be a separate small room built into a larger one, with racks and shelves for storage, commonly called ‘Walk-in’ Closets.

Modern wardrobes that are commonly used, have a wooden shell, with built-in racks and rods for hanging clothes, belts and other accessories. They can be made to be moved around the bedroom or fixed and are tailored into 2 or 3 door units based on the requirements.


  • They are large and long storage spaces for clothes and other accessories
  • They are utilitarian as well as practical
  • They can be carved into the bedroom space, as a separate area for changing and storage
  • Modern wardrobes have a wooden shell/ exterior, and can be designed using different wood materials
  • Their look and feel can be customized to enhance the design of a bedroom
  • They come in Straight, L-shaped and U-shaped designs.
  • They have small racks, shelves, boxes and rods for hanging and storing clothes and other accessories.
  • They can be designed as single, 2-door or 3-door units as per the requirements.
  • Bedroom wardrobes also come with a separate built-in space to store jewelry and other accessories

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