Cabinets, also called carcasses form the basic skeleton of the kitchen structure. There are 4 basic types that every kitchen is equipped with.

Woody Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are made up of a variety of materials, are available in myriad colors and can be categorized into different kinds based on their position and size. The commonest material used in designing a kitchen cabinet is BWR or Boiling Water Resistant ply. Different kinds of cabinets have their own specific use and purpose.

There are 4 basic types of Kitchen Cabinets :


Also called lower cabinets, these are the support and hold the entire kitchen together. These cabinets have a standard depth of 24 inches and height of 28 inches (without skirting). The depth can be increased up to 27 inches based on specific applications or requirements. Height for the base cabinets is decided as per ease of use and facilitating an ergonomic design. Some kitchens feature base cabinets that rest over a ‘toe kick or skirting’ increasing the cabinet height to 32 inches.


Also called upper cabinets, these are fixed to the wall above the countertop. Unlike the uniformity of base cabinets, upper cabinets are versatile and their positioning and number can be adjusted based on the kitchen size and practical requirements. Upper cabinetry have a standard depth of 12 inches but can be increased to 17 or 18 inches if required.

3. TALL CABINETSWhite Kitchen

These cabinets are designed to accommodate appliances as well as food and utensils. They are usually tailored as per the kitchen design. These units act as a great storage space and have a maximum height of 80 inches.


Not found in every kitchen, they are designed as per practical requirements but add visual aesthetics as well as showcase the discreet and clever utilization of available kitchen space. Specialty units minimize space wastage, and keep the kitchen better organized. These include tall cabinets with appliance storage, corner cabinets, counter extensions, suspended worktops and bottle racks.

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  1. Jade Brunet

    A friend of mine is replacing the cabinets in her kitchen and we wanted to know more about this subject. I agree with what was said about how base cabinets are the support of the entire kitchen. I like that there is a standard size for these base cabinets but at the same time, the size can be adjusted a little bit to meet the needs of the house. Thank you for this information.

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