When it comes to sofa upholstery, the material that is used is as important as the furniture itself. If your choice is between fabric or leather, we’ll make it easy for you with some pointers below.

Leather is often chosen by homeowners to upholster their sofas in living rooms. There are a large variety of leather materials available nowadays, real as well as faux. If you’re confused about what to choose, here’s a look at the pro’s and cons of both leather and fabric.


Fabric is available in a variety of styles, textures, colours and patterns and homeowners love this variety of choices in upholstery material. Many factors can be considered before selecting fabric materials and this works great for people leaning towards print, floral or geometric patterns. Fabric is durable and washable too. The problem with fabrics is that they get stained easily, cannot be removed and cleaned frequently, are susceptible to dust mites and not spill resistant.


Real leather comes in standard, classic shades leaning towards darker tones. Faux leather can be dyed to any shade and can even be textured as per taste. Classic colours lend a sophisticated look to your living room. Given that this material doesn’t allow for a lot of brightness, you can use cushion covers in cheerful shades to match the decor and brighten the room.

Leather that is spill proof and dust-proof is the best option for people who don’t have the time to spend looking after their furniture. Before buying leather, familiarise yourself with its maintenance and care instructions to know how to look after it. Leather is comfortable but can get hot and uncomfortable during summers.

Whether fabric or leather, the material you go for has to look fashionable as well as be practical. Just going by the look and price isn’t enough because you are going to live with it for a long time. Any upholstery and material you choose must be an extension of your self, a reflection of your personal taste and yet adaptable to the general decor of the home. 

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  1. Good knowledgeable post which speaks both fashionable as well as be practical. Loved it!

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