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Low maintenance, high durability and a much sought after counter, Quartz Countertops are an attractive alternative to other stone materials.

Sleek, shiny and mimicking natural stone, quartz is one surface that can be a ready alternative to other kinds of countertops. Constructed from one of the hardest material found on earth, quartz is durable, low maintenance and has a large variety of color choices. What separates it from natural stone, is that this countertop is engineered in a factory made from ground quartz. Combining 90% quartz, binding agents such as polyester resins and pigments, these counters are scratch and stain resistant, non-porous and have a shelf life of several years. As good as it sounds, there are a few pros and cons of this material.


  • Quartz is hard, sturdy and extremely durable. It combines the qualities of stone and the sheen of laminates and also looks like natural stone
  • The material is made of engineered materials, a mix of quartz powder and polymer binding agent. This makes it super hard and mimics stone.
  • Quartz countertop is scratch and stain resistant and non-porous, therefore not needing to be sealed regularly like granite countertops.It also cannot attract mould, mildew and bacteria
  • Quartz countertops from branded companies have a better quality and finish. The resins make it more flexible and design friendly.
  • There are plenty of colours available, and these countertops can even be found in electric blue and fire engine red
  • The material can also be made to look like marble with veins and sparkles. 
  • Unlike marble which has a dull finish or granite a sheen, quartz countertops have a finish that can either be matte, textured slate, or gloss.


  • Quartz counters are heavy and can crack easily. Once this happens, it loses its look
  • If not purchased from the right people, they can be of inferior quality and can break easily
  • Quartz counters are pricey just like granite. 
  • The countertops cannot take much heat beyond a point. Their surface cracks when high heat utensils (< 400 degree F) are placed on them.
  • Quartz countertops cannot weather the outdoors. With too much sun, color fades with time or causes the counter to warp. 


Quartz Countertops are priced anywhere between Rs.200 – 550 per square feet. The difference in pricing depends on thickness, variety, color preference and size. 

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