Modular kitchens are all the rage these days, and there are many reasons for this! While they are very popular and come with a host of benefits, there are some disadvantages to this design trend too. Let’s find out what they are so that you can make the right decision for your kitchen.


Sleek and stylish

When it comes to aesthetics, modular kitchens hit all the right spots. They are available in a variety of sleek models that are high on the style quotient. If you like contemporary stylish and clean lines, then you will love the design options that are available.

Wide variety of colours, textures and finishes

You can choose from a wide array of classic and contemporary colours, textures and finishes. If you like the timeless appeal of handcrafted wood finishes, you can choose wood textured or patterned laminates that are almost indistinguishable from natural wood.

Ergonomically designed

Modular kitchen designs are created by expert professionals; so you can be sure that your counter is at the most optimal height, the work triangle of sink-refrigerator-hob is optimally positioned and the accessory trays are the perfect size. Designers use ergonomic theories to come up with optimal kitchen designs that increase efficiency and promote good utility.

Functional storage units

These kitchens come with beautifully designed and functional storage accessories, such as Magic corner units for hard-to-reach corners, pull-out plate racks, utensil storage and bottle dispensers and a range of thoughtfully crafted units that add great value to your kitchen. All your storage needs are met, including appliances that can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

Modular units are designed to offer maximum functionality, like the drawers that slide out with a single touch and magically slide back into position once you are done…or the sliding shutters that roll up to reveal bulky appliances, and roll down again in a trice! Once you have seen all the possibilities that a modular kitchen can offer, an ordinary kitchen will no longer be an option for you!

Perfect finishing

Modular kitchens are factory-made, cut to precise sizes and finished to perfection. As all the cutting and sizing is done by machines, the finishes are much better than what can be obtained through carpentry. Edges will be neatly sealed and shutters and drawers will be perfectly aligned.

Easily assembled

The units or modules that comprise a modular kitchen are fitted together very easily and quickly with precisely positioned hinges and screws. A majority of the work happens in the factory, while the actual assembly work at your site is very minimal. This also means that there will be no messy clutter at your site.

Save space

Modular kitchen designs use every inch of available space to the maximum; a big plus in today’s tiny apartments where space is always at a premium! Drawers and storage shelves can slide right out, allowing you to access even the farthest corners easily.

Quick completion

As most of the work is done off-site, the work is also very quick and you can have your interior shipshape in as little as 45 days! There is none of the frustration involved with dealing with a carpenter-made kitchen, which can drag on and on for months.


Modular kitchens are created from core materials that are very durable and resistant to borers or termites. The core material is usually made of high quality plywood or MDF that is boiling water-resistant, and does not bend or warp over a long period of time. Natural wood, on the other hand, tends to deteriorate over time if it is not treated well.


You’ve seen the pros of opting for a modular kitchen; now here are the cons!

Can be expensive

If you opt for any of the high-end finishes, these kitchens can burn a big hole in your pocket. Branded accessories can also be more expensive than you have bargained for. But not to worry; if you are looking for cost-effective options, you will find they are available as well!

High maintenance

Modular kitchens look great, but are also high on maintenance! You will need to wipe down your cabinets every once in a while to keep them looking like new. This is especially the case if you choose high-gloss finishes, which tend to show up splashes and grease very quickly. Then again, any kitchen needs to be kept clean, so this is not really a disadvantage!

May not be a unique design

Unless you sign on with a company that will customise your modular kitchen with the help of interior designers, you can end up with a kitchen that looks the same as the one next door. Certain standard finishes and colours are popular among customers, and may not give a very unique look to your kitchen.

You will have to live with the consequences of your decision, so take your time choosing a modular kitchen over one that is conventional and made by a trusted carpenter! If you’re in doubt, talk to a reputed interior design company’s team (like HomeLane) and you can get the right advice that you need.


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