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Colors mean a lot. Colors have their own personalities and when you are designing your home it is always a hard task to choose the right color for a room. Should your living room be a pastel white which can have a calming effect on visitors – and may run the danger of getting stained and dirtied often – or should be the dark chocolate color you fell in love with as a kid? The walls in your bedroom, should they be passionately red or a sleep-favoring blue? When you want your home to depict who you are as a person, the colors you choose speak a lot about you. Which is why we decided to give you some color gyaan, with our own dash of patriotism. Inspired by the colors in our beloved Indian tricolor, here’s a very HomeLane way to choose paint colors for your home with the hues of freedom, and a little panache!

Paint thy tricolour…

Raising The Flag – Orange In Your Kids’ Room

Girls’ rooms are traditionally pink, and boys have blue to their name. Till some time ago, a gender neutral color for nurseries was yellow. But tides have turned and today, bright orange has replaced yellow as the latest gender-neutral shade when it comes to baby room ideas and nursery furniture.

What Orange Does For Your Kids – Orange is a vibrant and extroverted color. It is energetic, and yet calm. It is the color of an evening sun, and fresh tangy fruits like tangerines. Orange in your toddler’s bedroom will add excitement and a sense of adventure, making your child feel more upbeat and happy. And yet when sleep calls, the warm glow of his orange walls will help him sleep a peaceful dreamy sleep.

Add that vibrant zing to your kids’ room with orange walls

Peaceful In The Middle – White As A Bedroom Accent Trick

When you think of accent walls, you usually think bold colors. What if you could turn that myth around on its head and use a peaceful, becalming white as an accent instead? It’s pretty easy. Paint the walls in your bedroom in a different color (shades of grey and purple are a wise choice) and then use a silvery or pearlescent white to add texture and designs. A Moroccan pattern is what we recommend, but you can choose your own favorite ornamentation for this trick. Remember it is all about making heads turn, your unique way!

Creative use of whites, greys and nudes can lend character to your bedroom.
Creative use of whites, greys and nudes can lend character to your bedroom.

Another way to use this color is to use tints of white to add texture to your walls and use olde world wooden furnishings as accents. Teak, birch and xxx wood work great for this décor style. What wouldn’t we give for a study filled with musty paperbacks done up in similar fashion! If only wishes were horses…

Why White Works – White is the universal color of peace and calm. It is generally used in bedrooms and living rooms because of the calming effect it has. And who doesn’t love clean white sheets on their bed when climbing in at night? But introduce white as an accent color in your bedroom wall decor, and you are sure to make heads turn easily.

White walls, wooden furniture, and a quirky printed rug - all that you need for a marathon book reading session.
White walls, wooden furniture, and a quirky printed rug – all that you need for a marathon book reading session!

A Houseful Of Sky – Blues As A Flooring Option

Lazy oceans. An oasis in the middle of a scorching sandy expanse. A clear blue sky with shreds of floating cotton. The color blue is all of these and much more. You may have heard of and seen blue on house walls (Santorini anyone?) but have you ever thought of having a blue floor? Try it, is our strong recommendation. Let your insides mirror the glorious firmament outside, and with enough ambient light and some clever designing you would be able to walk on clouds. Or at least feel like it!

Walking on clouds. It's exactly how this feels.
Walking on clouds. It’s exactly how this feels.

If floors are hard, you can also add blue in your kitchen. The gentle effect of this color will contribute much to alleviating your cooking prowess.

And We Love Blue Because – Blue is one of nature’s most prominent colors. The earth is one third water, and one third blue. As such, this color has the effect of making you feel one with the world. It is uplifting, airy, and a very soothing color. As a flooring option it is as yet a novel and new idea and will bring you many accolades for sure.

A cook needs her calm, right? This kitchen gives you exactly that.
A cook needs her calm, right? This kitchen gives you exactly that.

The Final Salute –Green In Your Living Space

The earth bleeds green in spring. It is the color of harvest, of health, of fertility. It is also the color of new-age living room design with burlap or upholstered sofas, cushions in quirky prints, and furniture in solid wood or wood finish. If you are worried about the green being too bright, you can opt for shades of olive for your walls. Green also works well for outdoor spaces; a sit-out or barbecue area on your terrace can be done up in this color for maximum appeal. The play of green and the open blue sky is the perfect recipe for happiness. And good barbecues, of course!

Why We Choose Green – Just like blue, green is a color we find in abundance in our own universe. It is a color that we never tire of and which has a deep soul connect. Tranquil and harmonious, green is an ideal choice for living spaces. Your indoor plants will agree with us on that! Though green as a paint option is not a novelty, you can always play with shades and accents and create your quirky and personal Zen space.

Grandma wasn't lying when she said greens are important!
Grandma wasn’t lying when she said greens are important!

Fashions and fads change, and what was new yesterday becomes passe today. And so it is in the interior decor world too. But by playing with colors in zany ways, you can always ensure that your house maintains a trendy and fresh feel. Whether it is the tricolour that inspires you or something else entirely, break free of established norms and paint your home the way you want. After all, that is exactly what ‘freedom’ means doesn’t it? And before we sign off, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day!

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