Parallel or Galley Kitchen layouts are a relatively newer concept, where two kitchen platforms along with their cabinets run parallel to each other. Compact and yet convenient, these kitchens are a favorite with small apartment dwellers or those who have a space constraint. 
parallel galley kitchen
Parallel Kitchens are designed based on the house structure, and work seamlessly for homes with a space crunch. They provide a large amount of storage, and make for efficient usage of space, with cabinets that run, both on the top and bottom on either side of the kitchen.These kitchens are perfect for older existing structures, where not much of re-arranging is required or re-modelling can be done.
These kitchens are available in a multitude of colors or can even be painted in neutral white, to enhance the sense of space.


  • Parallel Kitchens are simple in design, yet can be played around with to maximize usage, demarcating kitchen areas for cooking and appliance storage.
  • The layout can accommodate large number of cabinets, maximizing storage space.
  • This simple design of the parallel kitchen makes the work area accessible and convenient for more than two people to move around, while restricting kitchen traffic.

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  • Entertainment Unit
  • Shoe Rack
  • Dresser
  • Study Table
  • Crockery Cabinet
  • Vanity Units
  • Bedside Tables
  • Mirror Cabinet with Storage
  • Centre Table
  • Showcase & Book Shelf
  • Puja Unit
  • Bar
  • Bed
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