Red is the colour of and passion. Red is the colour of February; what with this being the month of love and sweet feelings. Interestingly though, red is also considered a powerful, energetic colour that can not only brighten up a room but can also serve as a mood-lifter. It’s certainly not a hue one can ignore easily, and if used in the right way a red accent can be the best thing that ever happened to your house.

Then why is it that we don’t think of reds that much when doing up our homes? Yes, we might bring in some roses for the corner vase, or a couple of cushions and throw pillows for the living room, but for most of us our association with this colour ends here. Today, on our blog we tell you how to use reds in your home in a manner that lasts beyond the February fever. Check it out!

To brighten up a wall

Every house has that one wall which practically never gets used. It’s not in the right place to become a statement wall, and it also cannot be forgotten. What can one do about it? Easy! Add some wall decals in brilliant shades of red and see how things take on a rosy glow!

Brighten up a wall with a splash of red
Brighten up a wall with a splash of red

For the couple’s corner

Even in the smallest of houses, you can find a corner for the two of you and transform it into your own slice of paradise. A corner like this would be perfect for evening tea together, or for an uninterrupted heart-to-heart. And with the reds all around you, that ‘loving feeling’ will never be far behind!


As a décor statement

Red is a colour with a voice. It speaks of boldness and vibrancy, of a love for strong statements, and a slightly quirky and edgy style mantra. Use a bold red rug to colour-block your living room, or have a statement wall all done in red for a whole new look!

Add a rosy glow to your home with an accent wall
Add a rosy glow to your home with an accent wall

Red in your bedroom

If you have read this blog so far, you would know exactly why we think red bedrooms are cool J The passion and feelings this colour ignites is unmatchable, and on top of that it looks absolutely inviting and warm. Is there anything else you would want your bedroom to be?

A room that speaks passion
A room that speaks passion

Red accents in your home

Think your balustrade looks too sedate? Or that you need a pop of colour in some parts of your house? Forget a renovation, just add some accents in hues of red and you will find an instant change in the way your home feels and looks.

Red sofa. Red decals. In love, yet?
Red sofa. Red decals. In love, yet?

Furniture in all shades of red

Some may think a red kitchen or shelves and cabinets in shades of red might look a tad too kitschy. But, trust us it does not. Do it right, and you will always have a part of your home that is rosy and upbeat.

We're all for red kitchens. Are you?
We’re all for red kitchens. Are you?

So, what did you think of your ideas to bring home some red? After all, true love lasts for more than a day. If you love your home, this is the best way to show it!

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