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An L Shaped Kitchen Layout is perfect for multi-purpose cooking spaces of today. Their shape and structure make them a versatile fit for almost any space.

L shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchens are designed along two adjoining walls, with countertops perpendicular to each other forming an L, a shape that has an open sensibility. They are stylish and non-intrusive, seamlessly merging the kitchen area with the rest of the dining area, while minimizing kitchen traffic.

An L Shaped layout is a standard in most big and small homes. They can either be a basic plan or an additional island (or peninsula) added to increase the expanse of countertops, thereby facilitating ease of food preparations. The two arms of the L-shape can be elongated depending on the kitchen structure and space availability. These kitchens can also easily be integrated into existing homes and house extensions.

The best attributes of L Shaped Kitchens are the vast expanse of countertop space, plenty of seamless storage and minimal flow of kitchen traffic. Because of the available area, a separate dining nook can be created or a kitchen island installed, converted into a worksite such as baking counter, or a place to store additional cooking equipment.

L shaped kitchen corner


  • An efficient layout, L shaped kitchen layouts are perfect for rectangular kitchens and kitchen spaces that incorporate dining areas.
  • Worktop length can be adjusted to make the kitchen triangle easily accessible, leaving additional space at the ends.
  • Multiple worksites can have access to their own kitchen cabinets, including ceiling to floor cabinetry for maximum storage.
  • The corner space in L-shaped kitchens can be utilized for creating a magic corner, installing a cabinet carousel or increasing cabinets for more storage.
  • L Shaped Kitchens accommodate more people and facilitate ease of movement.

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