“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”

Norman Vincent Peale

It’s that time of the year again – the winter chill is in full force, bakeries are doing overtime baking plum cakes and making plum sales, and laughter and generosity are wafting in the cool air. There’s something special about Christmas that makes believers out of even the most staunch hearts, and it this spirit of merriment and laughter that we are celebrating today.

Now if there’s one thing that symbolises the Christmas festival, then it has to be the tradition of decorating the tree. Families spend countless hours decking up their slice of greenery, with hand picked ornaments and lights and what not. And while we wholeheartedly believe in such fun traditions, this Christmas we would like to break the mould a little and tell you about some creative ways to make and decorate a tree. Are you ready?

1. A Tree for the Bookworms

If you are a book lover, you will definitely thank us for this amazing idea. With a little ingenuity you can easily turn your bookshelf into a love letter for Uncle Santa. And if you have any gifts to hide for the literati in your home, there can be no better place than this.

One for the bookworms!

2. Getting Craft-y in the Kitchen

This Christmas, do not leave your kitchen unattended. You may not be a pro baker or a chef straight out of a Michelin cookbook, but you can leave a mark to impress your loved ones with some crafty decor. Carve a tree into the heart of a fruit, or use tree-shaped place markers to add to the festive feeling.


3. Sewing it Up

Not every urban home can have a huge tree inside, given the shortage of space we all deal with. But we all have old buttons, strips of fabric, twigs, and a bottle of glue lying around handy. Use these items to sew up your own miniature tree, which you can then use on place mats, on greeting cards or as a center-piece for your living room decor.


4. A Christmas of Quilted Colours

You don’t need to have had lessons in quilling for this creative idea. Roll up strips of paper and stick them on a flat surface to resemble a tree. Add a few stars and ornaments and voila! you have a very rustic-looking Christmas tree staring right back at you. It is indeed a December miracle.Christmas-decor-quilling-tree

Well, these are just some of our ideas about how to have fun with the decorations during Christmas. Traditions and festivities have their own place in life, but if you want to jazz things up or are just looking for some creative ideas for a weekend with the kids, we are sure these suggestions will meet your needs perfectly. After all, Christmas is all about merriment and cheer, and there is no better place to spend Christmas than in a house that if full of laughter and happiness, and handmade Christmas decorations. So have fun with your festive decor this year and remember that Christmas is a feeling that cannot only be bought at stores; it means way more. We’re sure the Grinch would agree with us on that!


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