If you belong to the North or East India, by now you are accustomed to the heavy blankets, jackets and the cold weather. Head South and you will still have confusion over whether to pull out those New York style coats or resort to the usual wind sheeters for chilly evenings. No matter where you reside in India because this season, your wardrobe has a new entrant – Woollens.

And if you think just stocking them inside the wardrobe is enough, think again. Truth is, your woollens demand much more attention so that they can breathe easily in that closet. So, while you dress up for the season, we bring you some great tips that will sort your woollens’ wardrobe perfectly.

1. Clean up your wardrobe


Most of you must have already sorted their wardrobe with woollen clothes but we hope you did clean that wardrobe first. If not, here you start and it won’t take much time either. Ensure that the shelves are properly dusted, cleaned with wet cloth followed by dry cloth wipe to ensure that the wool does not attract any dust particles when inside the shelf. You could also put newspaper sheets or chart papers on the base of the shelf to avoid direct contact of the shelf with the woollen items.

2. Hang woollens outside on a sunny day


Up next, hang all your woollen clothes out in the sun on a bright sunny day to ensure that no pungent smell remains in it while wearing it. Even as an everyday practice, it is always advisable to give wool enough sunshine so that it remains fresh considering woollens are not washed often.

3. Change the order of clothes, every fortnight

rearranging-woollen-clothes-in-wardrobeWe all have our favourite clothes which are worn repeatedly and remain mostly at the first shelf in our wardrobe but that does not mean we completely ignore the backbenchers! Every fortnight, keep a check on woollens that are hidden at the corner or at the back of the shelf. Pull them out or change the order of the clothes in the wardrobe. This will not just help prevent your woollens from the moth attack but also make you .

4. Put some lavender to avoid the wool smell


Most of us are put off by the naphthalene or camphor smell in woollen clothes the moment we open our wardrobes. To curtail that, you could put some dry lavender in a packet, seal it and put it in the corners of your wardrobe shelves alongside your clothing. So, the next time you open that wardrobe, you will be in for a scented surprise.

By now you would agree that as much as it looks tedious, sorting your woollen clothes inside the wardrobe is not that tiresome at all. In fact, these days, many wardrobe styles are available that will help you sort your clothes in a better way. And while you are at it, check out some of the coolest wardrobe designs here.

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