Your home is the place where you get maximum comfort. So when you start doing your home interiors you must plan in a comfortable manner and not overload yourself with everything in one go. The common problem with the interior design process is where to start from and how to plan home interiors? You can ease out your problem and plan by simply following these interior design process steps. 

Understand Space and Requirement

The first step of the interior designing process is to understand the space and requirements of each room. Therefore, there are few questions you should have an answer for. Firstly, how many people stay in the house? What is the purpose of designing? What is the thought process behind it? These points are necessary to ponder over.

home interior plan

So having a clear floor plan or layout with a list of your requirements is the first step so that you can share the plan with the interior designer. Hence, plan home interiors with a clear vision. 

Plan your Budget

The next step is to set a budget for your home interiors. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying home interiors for your house. Divide your budget for each room and for your kitchen separately. Your budget will depend on several factors like the size of the room, type of furniture, furnishings and the accessories. However, if there is a crunch you can always go ahead with an easy EMI option. 

Design Development

Design development is the main step of the interior designing process. The development of design is a blend of creative thought process as well as interior architecture. Space planning is the most integral part of the design process.

plan home interiors

The interior designer in this step gives you a design blueprint or a virtual design of your room which will help you understand the usage of space, the proportions of the room and the visuals will be transformed into reality once the process begins.

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Electrical and Plumbing

The next step would be the planning of all the electrical points and light fittings and fixtures and get the plumbing and pipeline work done. Electrical points need to be decided before you start getting the rooms painted. Lighting plays a significant role while designing home interiors. 

home interior planning

False Ceiling

False ceiling or dropped ceiling is usually made one foot below the real ceiling. The electrical ducts and points are set through this false ceiling. It has become a vital part of modern home interior designing. Apart from hiding the basic infrastructure like plumbing pipes and electrical wires, it adds to the design of the room. 


Selection of flooring is a little time-consuming task. You should gather some information about the types of flooring simultaneously with your interior designs. You can pick hardwood, laminates, tiles or vinyl, depending upon the cost, area and the pros and cons of the flooring. Especially while choosing bathroom flooring you should check whether it is less slippery. 

bathroom flooring

Woodwork and Furniture

If you are getting your furniture designed, then you must possess some knowledge about the woodwork and types of wood, plywood, MDF etc. Think about the purpose of the furniture and space before buying it. Utility and beauty both should go hand in hand. If you have a small living room or a small bedroom, get furniture with storage space.

plan home interiors

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Choosing Colors

Choosing a colour from the colour palette for your walls is the most interesting part of the interior designing process. Select colours which will go with the lighting and the furniture and which suits your lifestyle. You should also know the terms like saturation, hue, and intensity so that it becomes easier to choose the type of colour for your home interiors. Also, learn about the different paint finishes if you want to give the walls a textured finish. 

plan home interiors

Choose Accessories and Furnishings

What accessories shall you choose? For each and every room there are different kinds of accessories to be selected. Using colourful accessories in your living room and bedroom can accentuate the design of the space.

plan home interiors

The use of different textures will bring in fun and joy. For your bathroom, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures must be selected well in advance. 


After you have your interior plan ready and you have selected every element of the interior design process, the real work begins followed by the installation. Hence you must prepare your timeline according to which the work needs to be finished. 

Check on Finishing

All’s well that ends well. Finally, it comes down to the finishing of the design. Finishing is very important. You must keep an eye on the finishing of the work done. Keep a check on the polish of the woodwork, the finish of the paint, the finish of the furniture, the strength of the cabinet handles and also the corner finishing of each room.

As it is said, a good beginning makes a good end. Therefore, if you plan home interiors in a proper manner, you will have a happy journey of home interiors.

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