When it comes to our homes, we purchase different items for different reasons. While furniture and appliances are very essential, it isn’t mandatory to buy them of a particular size just because everyone else does. Quality, design and purpose supersede everything else.

Below are 4 common items which are purchased in larger sizes, despite smaller sizes doing just as fine.


When we buy sofa sets, we often purchase them for their design, color and look. L-shaped sofas are very popular nowadays, and so are 3+2 ones. The important thing to remember when buying sofas is whether they are relevant to your space. If you are just a couple, a love seat and an armchair will suffice. In case of a large family, a larger 3+2+1 works better.

Some general dimensions of sofas are as follows;

  • 3-seat Sofa – 35″ deep by 84″ wide
  • Armchair – 35″ wide by 35″ deep
  • Coffee Table – 30″ wide by 48″ long

Although the above are standard measurements, there is no hard and fast rule to follow them. For small apartments and homes, smaller sofas look and feel better. Besides, more seating can always be arranged by extra stools and foldable chairs. Sofa purchase is a costly decision. Why buy it big when you can manage a small one just as well?


Have you ever seen homes where the dining table takes up almost 3/4th of the space? Most tables are available in a standard measurement and we often buy them thinking there will be a requirement for them in the future. In reality, very few families today use dining tables and only when guests are present or to lay out an elaborate menu. Buying a dining table must be a careful choice. A standard round 4-chair table measuring 36″ diameter is sufficient for a small family. Dining tables have absolutely no purpose when big, since they often attract unwanted hoarding and storage.


Refrigerators are of many different styles and types, some with freezers at the bottom while others at the top. Some fridges are 2-doors while a majority are the old fashioned ‘single door’ type. This appliance is an absolute must in any home. When you buy it though, understand whether you actually need the size you are looking for. A large fridge can occupy plenty of space, which may not be required for a family of three. Sometimes we tend to store everything in a fridge, but you need to ask yourself whether you can make do with a smaller model keeping few consumables outside.


When it comes to bed, most of us know what we want – king, queen or a regular single bed. Many people select larger sizes for maximum comfort and space. However large doesn’t always mean good because plenty of space is wasted. Select beds that are just perfect for your family. Children eventually grow up and need their own space so factor it that accordingly. Its better to buy a smaller one and make arrangements for additional beds, rather than buy large ones and have them crowd your space.

Look around you. There’s plenty of furniture and appliances that are too large for your home and you’re stuck with them. However it is still not too late. Go for smaller items or reach out to HomeLane and we will help build you a customised piece. Either way you aren’t just saving money but keeping your home uncluttered and your mind free.

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    This is a great article. It gave me a lot of useful information. thank you very much.

  2. Good article and completely on point. Especially useful for homemakers trying to make the best of space in a small apartment or studio.

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