RashmiOne of our latest projects offers a clear picture of how individual aesthetics, customisation of design and a commitment to staying within a reasonable budget can actually come together in harmony.

Our client, Rashmi from Bangalore, was looking for something unusual, something distinctive. She came to HomeLane with a pretty clear idea of what she wanted, and part of her reason for working with us was that we could offer both a warranty as well as after-sales services.

She went with a full-scale project for her apartment interiors – modular kitchen, wardrobe, entertainment unit and shoe rack for the living room. Rashmi tells us that her priorities were threefold – focussed on budget, style and quality, and we’ve done our best to make sure that she got all three!

She chose green and white for her modular kitchen, a surprising and definitively contemporary-style combination of colours. In her own words, she wanted something which popped! This green and white high-gloss laminate-shuttered modular kitchen brings both the freshness and the elegance of clean design together, creating a striking visual appeal. The kitchen cabinets were made from marine plywood, durable and waterproof, adding durability to the structure. She went with olive green walls to complement the kitchen, choosing her wall colours to match her furniture.

We asked Rashmi about her experience with 3D modelling, and she acknowledged that it was a useful part of the process, especially when it came to deciding upon specifics. For example, she tells us that when she was deciding on her wardrobe placement, she came in with an initial idea of where it would be, and that it needed to include one mirrored door, and 3D modelling helped her out with the details, i.e. which door should be mirrored, what placement would make best use of the window light. We went with commercial-grade plywood for the wardrobe, a sturdy structure in elegant, deep brown.

Finally, we wanted to know how Rashmi felt about her newly designed apartment and here’s her response: “I love it!”


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