By Nikita Bhargav

Making space for originality in your home doesn’t necessarily mean going all out and redefining boundaries. These are ways of pushing those boundaries just a little bit, to give your home a spark of something unique.

Find a unique rug.

Look at a colour and pattern that’s dramatic; a geometric pattern is a good statement. However take care that you choose your furniture in a neutral/ leather finish not to distract from the pattern on the rug. If you still feel that the story is too bold, cover a part of it with a heavy centre table. Make sure it’s not a glass top but a wooden/marble one. This will help to lighten the effect.

Make your centre table the centre of attention.

Use an old weathered painting – you could easily paint one and give it a weathered look. An old movie poster could easily do the job too. And use this to mount on the centre of the table. You could protect it with enamel or a plain clear sheet of glass. On one corner add a touch of greens, but this one is truly yours to pick since it has everything to do with the image you’ve chosen and what might complement or connect with it.

Want to try something really dramatic?

Choose a vase/ figurine that has a unique shape and an unusual size – on the excessively large side. It could be abstract and open to many interpretations, and will be part of many conversations. Be careful not to give it centre stage because of its size. Instead overlap it with greens in a conspicuous corner. Trust me you still will not miss it.

Try a bold blend of traditional and modern lighting.

A bunch of twenty zero-watt bulbs can double up as a contemporary chandelier, that can create a dramatic effect against the backdrop of a dark wall, better still frame it with its reflection on a contrasting venetian mirror. Many of us might be skeptical about blending two styles, but try it and you may be in for a surprise.

The Chair

Find one chair that is a showstopper. The moment you enter the room, it catches your eye. You’re expecting to be asked, “interesting chair, where did you get it?” You could either look at a chaise longue – Le Corbusier, set against a window with a view, or if your tastes don’t run to the modern classic, go with the classic. Keep the tone simple and throw in some contemporary cushions or a throw to tone down the look.

Even if they’re not to your taste, these home design ideas might just nudge you to find your own secret solution.

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