False Ceiling is becoming a very popular option in most homes. Many new apartments and bungalows are fitted with one, especially in the living room space. Unlike earlier, when cross ventilation took care of room temperatures and kept the atmosphere within the home optimal, enclosed spaces and lack of ventilation has necessitated the need for temperature control and lighting.

False ceilings are ideal options to camouflage heat insulation for AC’s and vents, conceal electrical and network cables, install lighting or visually alter high ceiling spaces. Such ceilings are a modern solution to traditional architectural needs.

These ceilings are of different types and materials. They are often chosen based on their use, how well they blend in with the overall look of the space, the material, appearance and visibility. Gypsum ceiling, for example, is a commonly used false ceiling for living rooms, is lightweight and can be moulded easily. It may not sit well with offices or other kinds of commercial spaces. Similarly, metal ceilings are sterile and minimalist and do not lend warmth to a living space. These are often used in offices and retail stores.

False ceilings have a number of pros and cons and before deciding one for your living space, it is important to be mentally prepared what you are signing up for.


  • False ceilings provide a homogeneous look to interior spaces
  • They help reduce excessive ceiling space thus giving the room more dimension and depth
  • False ceilings act as concealers for unflattering elements, hiding them well out of view
  • It also creates compartments preventing a fire from spreading quickly
  • They lend acoustics to a room, reduce echo and muffling of sound
  • They hide pipes, vents and electrical cables. Even air-conditioning ducts can be placed away from the visible eye
  • Materials used in false ceilings are cheaper and easier to install when compared to traditional tile or roofing systems


  • False ceilings can hide pests and mites. This is most worrying, as the space that is created can act as unwanted breeding ground and can lead to a whole host of problems in the home
  • Since materials for ceilings vary, it is important to check for strength and durability when hanging anything from it. Unlike sturdy roofs, false roofs can cave in if not gauged properly.
  • False ceilings can only work for rooms that have excessive ceiling height. Placing one just for looks can reduce room space and make it feel too claustrophobic.

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  2. Nice article, False Ceiling is the important part in home Interior Designing. it gives stylish look to the home. Even I’m also planning to implement the false ceiling.

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