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If you are reading this article, you are most probably the kinds who can’t even imagine living without your barking and meowing family members. Whether you are building a new home or redesigning your existing home to accommodate your four legged friends, it is important to consider your pets needs and your own lifestyle. Don’t let your house go to the cats and dogs. Here are a few handy tips to design and furnish your home in pet friendly ways.

Durable floors are a must and an important consideration for a house with pets. The best floor in this case is ceramic tile because it is stain resistant and easy to clean. Hardwood floors are also a good choice but may not be scratch resistant. Avoid porous materials like marble and natural stones as the acid in pet spit up can stain them. Laminate and concrete floors are also amongst the popular choices.

Carpet is usually a bad idea and not a pet friendly option as they tend to soak up pet stains, absorb odor and trap pet hair. Instead of carpets, invest in inexpensive rugs which are durable enough to withstand pet movement and very easy to pick up, clean and replace instead of a carpet. Pick rugs that feature multitude of colors drawing your eyes away from pet hair, stains and dirt. Which ever rug you choose, make sure to anchor the rug in place with skid pads or heavy furniture on the edge so that your pets can run around safely. But if you must have a carpet, opt for non continuous loop carpets which will be safe from getting unraveled by a pet’s toenail .

While choosing upholstery fabric, the idea is to pick fabrics that make your life easier. Try to pick colors that coordinate with your pet’s fur. Avoid delicate fabrics like velvet or silk which can be easily ruined by your pets. Crypton is a nearly indestructible synthetic fabric that’s resistant to stains and smells. Leather is also durable and easy to clean but prone to scratches. For your and your pet’s comfort, consider ultrasuede, a machine-washable microfiber that feels as smooth and seductive as real suede which stays cool irrespective of the climate.

Like kids, pets are very much capable of having fun with the walls. To avoid ruining your favorite wallpaper, save it for areas seldom visited by your pets. Paint your walls colorful with a washable paint to make removing stains a lot easier. Semigloss or satin finish paint is an excellent choice for rooms that see a lot of activity and are easy to wipe down.

Pets that spend most of their time indoors love the entertainment value that a large window overlooking the street will have to offer. Find a suitable space with a comfy furniture alongside or below the window to give your pets a good time.

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