Contemporary urban lifestyles come with a host of specifics in terms of functional needs, style and concept, and we tried to bring these elements into sleek visual harmony at Adarsh Palm Retreats.

Homelane Apartment Design
Design Idea

We wanted to work with a concept that would blend in with contemporary urban lifestyles, with all things sleek and modern, pepped up and familiarised with touches of the traditional. We worked with modernised materials, the latest trends in urban Indian interiors, trying to create a holistic experience.

The Colours

We love the graceful, subtle sensibility of neutrals, but we added a few touches of brightness to add warmth, individuality, an element of surprise.

The Living Room

Homelane Apartment Design Living Room

The feeling, lavish, the sensibility, modern with a blend of traditionality. The highlight of the room: a feature wall with concealed lighting.

The Dining Area

Homelane Apartment Design Dining Space

Made to complement the living area, the dining room is sleek and effortlessly contemporary.

Entertainment Unit Space

Homelane Apartment Design Family Living Room

Cosy and inviting, with a combination of simple furniture and a large entertainment unit, structured in horizontals to increase that feeling of expansiveness.

The Kitchen

Homelane Apartment Design Kitchen

Starting with the fundamentals, the placement of the essential work triangle, we built up to a unique contemporary style with subtle grey and yellow to pop, with the shutters. The use of different levels, with the shelves, complements the feature wall, and creates an attractive visual impact.

The Bedroom

Homelane Apartment Design Bedroom
Soothing neutrals create a calming ambience, with pops of colour to add definition and warm up the space. We used wallpapers to add a distinctive touch to each bedroom.

Materials Used

A combination of laminates, veneers and glass was used to create this look. We added wallpapers to complement the furniture and create a unique style.

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Available Interior Products
  • Entertainment Unit
  • Shoe Rack
  • Dresser
  • Study Table
  • Crockery Cabinet
  • Vanity Units
  • Bedside Tables
  • Mirror Cabinet with Storage
  • Centre Table
  • Showcase & Book Shelf
  • Puja Unit
  • Bar
  • Bed
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