Traditional home decor is one of balance, symmetry and style. It comes about from a deep sense of tradition and is often about bringing together a family’s decor style and adapting it to contemporary tastes.

Traditional decor in a home brings together a sense of balance and symmetry in design. It is all about the warmth and comfort that the home provides, much of it because of the familiarity such a decor provides. Traditional style décor is defined by warm colours, the use of traditional motifs and designs in furniture and furnishings and their placement. Furniture is placed very formally, in a structured layout and as the focal point of the room and everything is based on the family’d comfort. Traditional decor in a home brings order and familiarity reflected in everything, from decor, design to accessories.

A signature element of the the traditional style is the use of fabrics and furnishings. Furniture is furnished elaborately in traditional, heavy fabric, curtains and window treatments are elaborate and intricately designed. Accessories are a very prominent part of traditional decor, with chandeliers, votive, candle stands, vases with flowers, sculptures, murals and mirrors used to enhance the look of the decor.


Traditional furniture is all about combining warmth with a sense of nostalgia. Furniture pieces are curved, with rounded edges and made of pure wood. Many families used furniture passed down since generations. Other features of such furniture include detailing in the woodwork, carved mouldings and lines that are graceful. Wood that is dark and rich in stains of oak, cherry and rose give the decor a luxuriant and elegant look. Wood is a permanent part of such kind of decor.


Traditional decor styles are defined by a warm color palette, and that’s why plenty of browns, tan, beige and taupe is used which are subtle and understated.  Colours are not the focus of attention and that’s why a neutral palette works well for such decor.

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