Open plan homes were born out of a resistance against the boxed-in closed kitchens of old, allowing spaces to merge with each other for a more seamless ambience.

Open plan homes began to be built more than a decade ago, and many homeowners today are adopting this kind of lifestyle. This style of home is created with the premise that walls are unnecessary and can be knocked off, so that different rooms blend into each other. In such a home the kitchen isn’t closed off from the dining room by doors, the bedroom and living rooms open out to each other and the rooms are demarcated more by the style of the decor rather than actual physical boundaries. 

Besides the obvious self-explanatory nature of open plan homes, below are a few of their specific attributes that homeowners vouch for

  • Open plan homes, including open plan kitchens are built without any walls or doors separating rooms from each other
  • These homes allow for better communication and interaction
  • The homes allow families to come together to perform a few common functions. Children can do homework while parents work in a common hall or living room.
  • It helps family members be aware of what others are doing. Parents can keep eye on kids while cooking, or elderly can be watched over at all times
  • It enhances social interaction, especially in the kitchen area where the family congregates. 
  • Open plan homes help for better planning of areas, including seating and storage arrangements. In closed walled homes, every room has to have its own living arrangements
  • Open plan kitchens are equally seamless, look beautiful and facilitate a better discussion and engagement with the family


As good as open plan spaces are, some homeowners do have opposing views

  • Utility areas in open plan kitchens need to be kept separate to avoid the noise from appliances
  • Storage can be quite problematic in open plan homes. Building a separate larder or storage room helps
  • Some appliances must be left where they work better for the family. TV sets are better when placed in the living space rather than in kitchens
  • Merging modular kitchens and living rooms together isn’t a good idea because it creates confusion on what can be done in each space
  • It sometimes gets difficult to entertain, cook and do other household work together without clearly defined spaces

For doing up open plan kitchens and living rooms, and designing furniture to work around them, reach out to our experts at HomeLane.

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  5. Your ideas are fantastic…space is really important in a house, so that you can move freely…not to mention the spectacular furniture’s used at home…just brilliant…

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