Bed frames cannot be considered a frivolous purchase. They have to be thought through properly before buying. They aren’t just a place to put your mattress on. Bed frames are the focal point of a bedroom and also double up to provide storage space. 

The below 5 factors will help you choose the right one that will stay with you for years.


We bet you haven’t thought about this when selecting a frame. Since a bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, it can overpower a smaller room and crowd the space. To get a sense of the size, use a measuring tape, pillows or place a mattress on the floor. A queen size bed is ideal for both small and large spaces, but in case the room feels cramped, a simple wooden or metal frame for a spring mattress will suffice. In case of lack of cupboards or wardrobes, a bed with ‘under box’ storage as well as shelves in the headboard is perfect.

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If you already have an existing mattress, choosing a bed frame becomes easier. Cotton mattress are often used in homes, so this may not always be very accurate. A better idea would be to buy standard mattress for different frame sizes depending on your requirement. If you have a full size mattress, a king sized bed works well. In case of queen size mattress, a similar frame is better. Ultimately it is the size of the room that should decide your choice of the bed frame.


Beds these days are simple frames on which a mattress is placed. In case of older designs, like canopy or four-posters, the height of the ceiling becomes very important to consider. Tall bed frames require higher ceilings, and a little attention to measurements makes it very comfortable when placed in the bedroom. It is good to bear in mind, that larger frames need to be dis-mantled and re-assembled to get them through the house or bedroom doors. 


Since the bed is the focal point of the bedroom and the single largest piece of furniture, it is important to figure your decorating style before buying one. A warm, comforting feeling is created by solid wood frames with flourishes and carvings. In case of a minimalist look, frames in metal or light wood with clean lines are appropriate. Once you define your style, there are many options that will cater to it.

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Furnishing a guest or children’s room isn’t the same as the master bedroom. Guest rooms can do with an easily movable daybed which can be folded way, so the space can be used as a home office or for other activities. A bed cum sofa or couch can be placed, and used only in case of emergencies. Bunk beds for the kid’s bedroom are another space-saving option. 

Haven’t thought much of bed frames thus far have you? If you haven’t then do take inputs from this list. A bed frame once bought, isn’t easy to get rid off if you want a change. A carefully chosen one, will be just what you always wanted.

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