There is no single description for the word ‘home’. Some homes are warm and charmingly messy, while others are so well-planned and organized that even the mess has a special space all of it’s own! Jokes aside, we often find it fun to design for clients who know exactly how they want their home to look for it is then that we have to dig deep into our design arsenal and match deliverables to the strictest of expectations. One such home we recently had the pleasure of designing is located in the homely Coffee Board Layout in Bangalore. A home where the lady of the house knew exactly what she wanted where and we delivered and how!

The Design Brief

The house is a 3-bhk flat, and our client was truly on-point about how she needed it to be designed. Her main issue was organization – as a working mother of two, she needed a house where everything had its own place to make cleaning and storage easier for her and her septuagenarian mother. The brief was to keep things simple, utilitarian and highly functional without compromising on character.

The Foyer and Living Room Areas

When you enter the house, you will find a striking open-shelf design adorning a framed picture of Sai Baba. The wallpaper and shelf design was done in keeping with the dimensions of the picture and looks seamlessly integrated. Adjacent to this is a wall with a shoe rack and a beautiful, vintage-style circular mirror for aesthetic effect.

The shoe rack and mirror combo, and the open-shelved wall mount at the entrance
The shoe rack and mirror combo, and the open-shelved wall mount at the entrance

In the living room, we designed an imposing bookshelf that does double duty as a display unit. It has an open-shelf design which blends in well with the entertainment unit module.

Open shelves for books and curious plus the entertainment unit
Open shelves for books and curious plus the entertainment unit

Designing The Bedrooms

There are three bedrooms in the house, and each of them have their defining characteristics. The client’s mother for example is an old lady and needed a no-fuss room design. There was already an old steel almirah in the room which we fitted into our modular wardrobe design and added extra storage. We also gave her a storage rack above her bed to keep essential medicines and old souvenirs within reach.

Neutral coloured bedroom with wardrobes and a souvenir rack above the bed
Neutral coloured bedroom with wardrobes and a souvenir rack above the bed

Our client, the lady of the house, needed a bedroom that was super-comfortable and relaxed and also accommodated her work needs. So while we designed the modular wardrobe in her room, we also gave her a cabinet for her extras – bedspreads and towels and such. To make it easier for her to work, we converted a corner of the room into a workspace with enough room for all her needs.

Wardrobes, side cabinet and workstation in the master bedroom
Wardrobes, side cabinet and work station in the master bedroom

The kids’ bedroom was the most fun to do up. Since it’s shared by both siblings (a boy and a girl), we kept the colour palette neutral with glossy black and sunny yellows. The room has single beds converted from the base cabinets of our entertainment unit modules, separate wardrobes for the kids, study areas, a shared dresser unit all in the same neutral shades providing ample storage and private spaces.

Super-trendy kids' room with a glossy colour palette
Super-trendy kids’ room with a glossy colour palette

Acing The Kitchen-Storage Problem

One of the main grouses Indian women have is that their kitchens are never designed for heavy-duty storage. If you are one of those who buy their groceries in bulk and do not like to haul five kilo bags from the overhead bins every morning, then you will appreciate the design we came up with for this house. The servant’s room behind the kitchen was turned into a pantry for storing monthly shopping with tall units and a small washing area, while the main kitchen cabinets are expertly segmented so that breakfast, lunch and dinner items and appliances can be stocked separately. This way, one is not floundering about in the kitchen looking for things for hours. The parallel kitchen is well-fitted with all modern appliances, has ample storage, and separate cooking and cleaning stations. There is also a kitchen garden made of simple open shelves in the small balcony attached to the kitchen.

Parallel kitchen with storage and a kitchen garden
Parallel kitchen with storage and a kitchen garden

Other Knick Knacks

We also created shelves for charging phones, doors for the Pooja room, and some other knick knacks for the house to make it all look complete. Besides this, a bookshelf and a display unit on the wall leading to the bedrooms in the house goes well with the overall utilitarian theme of the house.

Puja unit, bookshelf and other modular knick- knacks in the home
Puja unit, bookshelf and other modular knick- knacks in the home

If you liked our designs and wish to have a similar trendy and upscale home designed by our experts for you, then do get in touch. We would love to help you find your dream home!

P.S. – This home was designed by our in-house expert Ms. Priyanka Gupta, who is an alumnus of the prestigious Florence Design Academy in Italy. Her previous projects include Metro Rio (Brazil), Festival Mall (Calicut) and Timberland Store (Italy) to name a few.

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