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With living spaces shrinking by the day in our urban jungle, a small balcony is what we are blessed with in the name of outdoor space. Irrespective of their size, balconies do make for a great place to kickstart your day or unwind after a long day. With a little creativity, one can turn these little places into a private dining area, tea corner or even a pseudo workstation under the sky. Here are some design hacks to turn your balconies into cozy relaxing nooks.

Every balcony needs a green corner to add that splash of natural color to your house. With limited horizontal space, vertical gardening is the way forward. Use vertical planters on a sunny wall or hang planters on the railing to keep the floor space clutter free. These mini gardens take up less space and are easier to maintain.

To keep you tiny haven clean and simple, install a wall mounted table with storage which can be used as your dining table for a romantic dinner or be converted as a temporary workstation on pleasant windy days. The storage can be used for stationery, crockery, gardening tools or even your tea party kit. Pair the multifunctional wall mounted table with colorful foldable chairs to brighten up your mornings. Opt for floating shelves to place plants, books or your travel souvenirs that adds personality to your nook.

Patterns play a pivotal role in giving an illusion of widening small spaces. Choose striped rugs and fabrics to create an illusion of wider space. Place the furniture in the corner and leave the centre area empty which adds to the illusion of space. Add cushions to soften up the decor and pick bright colored upholstery to liven up the space.  

For the flooring in the balcony, even though it may not be focal point of the area but it does add to the overall feel of the space. There are varied choices in case of imitation of grass giving your balcony the look of the next best thing to a garden. For a more rustic look, install laminate wooden flooring.

Remember to your keep your nook comfortable, minimalistic and clutter free to make the most of your space.

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