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‘Tis the season of colours and here is our take on some trendy colour ideas for your private space

What colour will you choose today…

It’s probably common to us all that we’d like our bedroom to look inviting, cosy, relaxing, comforting, all at the same time. However, what that involves isn’t common to us at all. One man or woman’s soothing tone is another’s glaring eye-offender. It’s all about personality, really! While some of us might have a deep affinity for bright colours, others tend to find solace in subtle shades of beige, blue and white.

So, let us quickly draw up a few basic schemes that will help you when it comes to choosing colours for your bedroom.

The Cool Category

Of course, when you think cool, you always think blue, don’t you? If you’re more into light shades, then an icy pastel blue would go well for your walls. Balance it out with white wardrobes and shelves, and a slightly different shade for your curtains, window treatments. Remember, don’t flatten the room out with a single colour tone. Go for patterned curtains, white sheets, deep blue pillows and quilts – make yourself a little medley in blue and white.

For those who like to keep it cool…

Green is another colour which offers a variety of shades and patterns without being boring. Bounce it off with a couple of yellow pillow covers and light curtains and you are ready! Green and yellow lends a fresh, earthy atmosphere to the room but remember to keep your wardrobe shutters and shelves a neutral brown or wood finish to tone it down.

The Warm Types

Add bright shades but with caution…

If you prefer your bedroom look cosy and snug, then contrast colours is the best way to opt for. You can go with pink and orange, if you really want bright. This doesn’t mean making your bedroom look like the inside of a pumpkin – go with a neutral wall colour instead. Say off-white with pink drapes and cushions, a really quirky orange for your side drawers, play around with accent colours. A really sunny combination is bright yellow walls which can be toned down with white wardrobe shutters and drapes.

The Abstract Road

Take the off-beaten path

If you’re up for something truly different, and you prefer to go for uncommon shades, then you can expand the colour palette quite a bit. Try, for example, teal walls, contrasted with orange and fuchsia accents. Remember, if you’re going wild with colours, it helps not to make a big deal about it. You can spread it out a bit – an accent here, a curtain there, one statement shelf or drawer that’s unusually bright, and go for a wood finish or a neutral shade for that large wardrobe or headboard. There are also subtler yet original combinations you could try, like yellow and grey.

Remember, nothing is permanent when it comes to colour but once the walls are painted, you are less likely to change it, in the next 5 years at least. Start by choosing a basic colour scheme and then change or mix it up through a judicious use of accents like cushion covers, paintings, collectible pieces and more.

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