One of the most heavily used kitchen appliances today, ovens seem to have caught everyone’s imagination. With women experimenting on cakes and breads, it has become an inseparable appliance in a home. With the heavy use however, comes grease and grime, and consequently the regular cleaning.

dirty ovens

Besides the obvious mess that built-up grease and charred food create, these are also converted into carbon on repeated heating which can taint and poison food or become a fire hazard. Cleaning regularly is the key to keeping the oven clean and functional for many years.

Below is a step by step guide on cleaning dirty ovens, which must be done at least a couple of times a month.

STEP 1 – Remove the Oven Racks

Oven racks, including rotating glass tray must be removed and placed in a tub or sink of warm water mixed with few drops of dishwashing liquid.

STEP 2 – Prepare a Cleaning Solution

Readymade cleaning solutions are available to take care of cleaning. But if you want to make your own organic, homegrown effective one, then mix 4 tbsp of baking soda in 1 liter water and shake this in a spray bottle.

STEP 3 – Spray Inside the Oven

Spray the homemade cleaning solution onto the inside of the cold oven, mainly on charred, deeply grimed areas till all the carbon is covered. In case the oven is too dirty, the quantity of baking powder can be increased so its more of a paste than liquid. Spread this paste accordingly.

STEP 4 – Allow the Spray Solution to Soak

Leaving the spray solution or paste for an hour or two on the grime will loosen it up, so it becomes easier to clean. If it’s still not coming off, douse the charred grime with the solution again and keep for an hour.

oven cleaning

STEP 5 – Scrape Away the Loosened Carbon

A nice sharp scraper (one that can scoop ice), works best to remove the carbon and charred food. While carrying this out, ensure gloves are worn to avoid blackening and continuously sweep away the debris that gets collected.

STEP 6 – Spray the Baking Soda Solution Again

Once the solution is sprayed on the interiors of the oven again, allow it to soak for another hour. Use the scrubber to remove any scraped away residual carbon.

STEP 7 – Wipe down the Oven with a Damp Cloth

Once the heavy residual carbon is removed, the interior of the oven is clean. If the caked carbon residue still stubbornly refuses to go away, try the below methods;

  • Use an industrial strength cleaning agent – Often containing harsh chemicals, these cleaners are strong but can release noxious fumes. It can be left inside the oven to soak and then wiped off.
  • Use ammonia – Ammonia can be poured on to thick, caked areas and allowed to sit for 30 minutes before being scrubbed off. Follow this up with wiping with a damp sponge.

STEP 8 – Clean Oven Racks

Oven turntable and racks once soaked, can be washed and rinsed. Once dry, they can be placed back in the oven.

Cooked food when exposed to stale air, absorbs the toxins and becomes hazardous to consume. It is therefore important to wipe and clean the oven regularly since the enclosed space often harbors fumes, gases and bad bacteria over time.

If you go about cleaning your oven in a different but effective manner, let us know your own methods of how it can be accomplished.

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