How often have we looked at some or the other’s celeb’s homes in a magazine or online feature and wished we too could have that? We might not all be able to afford a celeb home that costs a gazillion dollars, but we definitely can steal some ideas and home decor inspiration. So, this week we bring you five quirky celeb-inspired room ideas that you can totally adapt to your own taste and style. Get ready to get your quirk on, because this is some serious inspiration coming your way!

1. Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Meditation Room

Who said that red was only for bedrooms and boudoirs where it can inspire passion? Jada Pinkett Smith shows you a new way to use those fiery reds – in a meditation room! Her Zen space is full of comfy rugs, throw pillows, large paintings, and even an aquarium. It may not be what the colour guru told you, but as long as it works we see no reason to complain.

Red for calmness. Who would have thought?
Red for calmness. Who would have thought?

2. Jenna Lyon’s Patterned And Striped TownHouse

J. Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyon’s townhouse is a treat in itself. It is at once subtle, with that little hint of something extra. Her living room for example has a huge zebra-print rug, which juxtaposes with her yellow sofa admirably. The nursery has yellow and white stripes on the wall, and fluffy rugs in different shapes can be found all over the house.

Learning from Ms. Lyons: prints create focal spaces instantly.
Learning from Ms. Lyons: prints create focal spaces instantly.

3. Candy Spelling’s House With Three Wrapping Rooms

Yes, you read that right. American author and philanthropist Candy Spelling has three rooms in her house dedicated only to wrapping gifts. The smallest one of these is used for ‘everyday’ gifts, while one is dedicated solely to wrapping Christmas and Easter gifts. Now, not every house needs a room like this, but if you were thinking of getting craft-y and having a little recreation space for yourself Ms. Spelling’s house should be an ideal inspiration.

Room of Requirement, because everyone needs some craft-y space.
Room of Requirement, because everyone needs some craft-y space.

4. Martha Stewart’s Flower Arranging Room

We have all heard of how flowers can help up in amping the décor factor of your room. But America’s sweetheart Martha Stewart takes it to a whole new level. She has an entire room dedicated only to arranging flowers which come in fresh from her garden every day.

Sayin' it with flowers, with inspiration from Martha Stewart!
Sayin’ it with flowers, Martha Stewart style!

5. The Frick House And It’s Bowling Alley

Henry Clay Frick’s New York house is now a museum, but it was once built with an intention of being lived in. And in accordance to his visionary status, Mr. Frick had, among other things, a two-lane bowling alley installed in his house for, well, for fun and games we suppose. Another reminder, from a man eighty years before our time, to not neglect the funny and happy things in life!

Go bowling much?
Go bowling much?

So those were our pick for quirky home decor this Friday. What about you? Have you come across a house styled so well it totally blew your mind? Well, then don’t forget to tell us about it! And till next time, keep the quirk on!

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