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Most of us buy homes and decorate them well into our 30’s. By that time we are well settled and have a list of things we want to own. While furniture and appliances are the obvious choices, there are others that not just add value because of their functionality, but also appreciate with time. Here are 7 of the things you must work towards owning before you turn 30.


Bookshelves aren’t just for book lovers, but also those who will eventually buy them for their family. Shelves reflect your personality and your interests. They engage you, and also act as a starting point of conversation.You can change them over the years, but you will never tire of having book shelves.

2. ART

Many of us are exposed to art from a young age but don’t understand its importance and implications till we get much older. Art has the power to subtly infuse creativity in the home, make the space more vibrant and holistic. Art also appreciates over time and you can collect it as early as possible and still hold on to it for decades, reaping the rewards.


Bring the outdoors inside, makes the home so much more lively and welcoming. Gone are the days when gardening and plants were considered an indulgence of the old. Today, you can start as young as you want to and go on to have a healthy selection of plants that not just add to your home decor, but that your children and family will come to love.

4. BED

We invest in furnishings and furniture, yet very often go without a proper bed till well into our 40’s. A good bed bought early on in life does wonders for your back and physical health. We spend almost 60% of our lifetime in bed, and owning a good one is important. Investing in a quality mattress and a headboard is equally important. 


Another place we spend a major portion of our time is the kitchen, women especially. Families too congregate and entertain in one. Therefore, buying a functional modular kitchen with optimal storage takes care of cooking as well as any entertaining that has to be done. Investing in a good quality kitchen at the start works out much better than spending frequently on maintenance and repairs.


Whether accessories for living room or even bathrooms, buying good quality is paramount to ensuring they stay with you for years. Buy important accessories such as fans, knobs, living room and bathroom fittings from branded manufacturers so they last longer and buy early so you make a good investment.


It is good to start a collection from a very early age. Collections are very personal and often emotionally involved. Doing it early not just makes you want to add more as you age, but also means you have something that is of more personal value, compared to just the furniture and accessories you own.

It’s never to early to start buying things that can stay with you for years. Although everything can be changed and re-fitted, the cost and effort of doing it is more. Therefore taking care of a few important things before 30 is the key to good home investing. Start early, start investing in your home decor now!

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