Rough, textured and uneven, stone has its own natural, raw attributes that lends a beautiful aesthetic to interior spaces. Using stone in kitchen design is contemporary yet traditional, because it is rustic as well as sophisticated, a blend of familiarity and creativity. Although using natural stones is rather difficult, due to the way homes are built today, below are 10 wonderful ways to incorporate stone facades in your kitchen.


Stone in Kitchens

A look that was a norm in years gone by, contemporary exposed brick/stone walls are at once classy, rustic and appealing. Stone gives the kitchen a cosy, homely feel, keeps the space cool and is durable and low maintenance. This is especially a blessing in a room that is frequently stained by oil, food and other debris.


We’ve used granite, marble, concrete and even corian countertop, but stone is also a great contender for modern and contemporary homes. Although their materials have their own pros and uniqueness, stone has a charisma of its own. The uneven, textured surface provides easy grip, can be cleaned easily, doesn’t show stains and lasts for very long. Stone countertops have a very unique look.


Whether half or full backsplashes, stone makes for a very intriguing material. It goes with any type of modular kitchen, any color and looks beautiful especially with stainless steel countertops. It can be cleaned easily, doesn’t leave a stain and doesn’t look aged too. Stone can either be placed along a complete wall or only behind the cooking area.


natural stone in kitchens

Stone floors aren’t very new. They were used in homes as recently as a decade ago. With the advent of tiles and their colours, stones have taken a backseat but they are making a quick return in kitchen design. Nothing looks as solid as the textured, rusticity of stone flooring. It looks elegant, is cool to touch and goes well with any kind of decor.


natural stone in kitchens

Tiles are often put as borders all around the kitchen, which besides being decorative also help in maintaining the place clean. A natural stone border along the ceiling or crown moulding, or on the lower walls, at the base of cabinets or around doorways looks good and can be continued throughout the home.

Natural stone is one material that can never go out of style. It was used previously, is making a comeback now and being used in all sorts of ways around the home. If you love the visual aesthetics of the outdoors, adding a natural stone element in the kitchen will just add to the overall decor.

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