You heard that right! Great decor doesn’t always have to cost much. Clever decor infact, costs next to nothing. If you don’t believe us, then read on to find out what our design experts at HomeLane have discovered in home decor.

1. PROBLEM: Furniture set against every wall

SOLUTION: Furniture all over the place scattered around looks chaotic and affects our mood subtly too. Instead of spreading them around, gather furniture together based on a common theme – country chairs of various sizes or pop colored furniture. Grouping them thus makes rooms seem larger and helps in better conversation during social gatherings.

2. PROBLEM: Lack of focal point in the room

SOLUTION: Focal points keep the viewers attention centred, is easy on the eye and makes the decor cohesive. If your rooms lacks something to grab attention, whether a TV or a showcase, then create one. Place an artwork with a striking sofa, set a chair against a painted wall or set up a beautiful handcrafted bookshelf you made – anything that draws eyes towards them.

3. PROBLEM : Bland color schemes

SOLUTION: Often we move into homes without thinking the color through. Pastels or light colors are chosen but eventually they appear dull in contrast with the furniture. To inject a pop of color, add colorful curtains, upholstery, pillows wherever possible. To get inspiration look through your curios or collectibles and select colors that resonate with you.

4. PROBLEM: Holes cannot be put into walls

SOLUTION: Not everywhere can holes be dug in, be they own or rented apartments. Instead, place racks wherever you can and large mirrors wherever possible. A large frame is art by itself, makes the room look bigger, brighter and also gives an illusion of an additional window. It can also be moved around.

5. PROBLEM: Low Ceilings

SOLUTION: Not all homes have high ceilings, and low ones can make rooms seem very small. A clever trick is faking a high ceiling by installing curtain rods above the window frame. Light airy draperies, that graze the floor lend a sense of spaciousness and make the room look taller.

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