When it comes to kitchens, kitchen sinks play a very crucial role which often goes unrecognised. This is one accessory that gets chosen for its utilitarian value but not everyone knows how to make the right choice.

Kitchen sinks wash away all the dirt and grime from utensils, keep surrounding areas clean and are a very important part of the kitchen triangle. Most homeowners consider them a last buy, after all other elements of a kitchen are in place. On the contrary, sinks are very important and must be selected with other appliances because they play a very important role in the overall design and scheme of modular kitchens. Before buying or fitting them in a kitchen, below are a few ideal traits that need to be kept in mind.


The person who spends more time in the kitchen – often the women of the house – needs to be able to use the kitchen sink on a daily basis and must find it convenient. The depth and height of the kitchen sink must accommodate the person and reflect their personal needs. This ensures that there is no strain on the back or feet when standing for long periods of time.


Homeowners usually buy a sink to fit into a kitchen space, and for the purpose of washing. Kitchen sinks are available in many different materials, designs and finishes. It is important to try the sink at the store once before purchasing. Watch at what height it is, how easy it is to put hands into it. It helps decide what kind of sink works best for the family.


Sinks are created with different depths and this is done to suit specific heights of individuals. A sink with a depth of 8″, is ideal for people who are 5.5″ or shorter. This ensures less back strain for them, prevents collection of used utensils for long and creates more space for storage in the cabinet underneath. 


For taller people, sinks with a depth of 10″ works. This allows them to stand upright rather than slump over to complete the washing. Deep sinks also help storage of dirty utensils, work well for large families and can accommodate oversized utensils and platters.


Drain holes in sinks are commonly positioned in the centre for ease of water outflow, but this also tends to get blocked when utensils are placed upon it. Metal and ceramic sinks are now available where drains are place at the back or off centre. This makes drainage of waste and water easy.

Select kitchen sinks for your home not just because they are a necessity but because they assist in the work. A good sink is one which is at a good height, sufficiently deep and does not cause any inconvenience.

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  1. Manas Sarangi

    Hello! Great article! I would love to connect to find out more about which kitchen sink type and which brand is most sought after in terms of ease of use and cleaning.

  2. Hello Charmaine, I read the whole blog and useful attribute of a Kitchen sink you shared here. I am finding best sink for my kitchen and your blog also helping me after setup sink. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!!

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