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Kitchen is where every foodie’s heart is and sadly the same hold true for kitchen pests too! Keeping that kitchen sparkling clean is everyone’s dream, so the kitchen pests can turn out to be quite a nightmare for you. For these uninvited guests simply love the smell of your food leftovers or that favourite dessert and busily devour on it when no one is watching.

If you are tired looking for solutions to keep these sinister kitchen pests at bay, consider these 5 simple quick fixes and you can thank us later:

Fresh Basil Leaves v/s Flies


Fruit flies are a menace, no doubt. You can either go swap swapping behind each of them, or you can pot some fresh basil plants near your kitchen windows. The smell keeps the insects at bay, besides making your kitchen smell fresh and nice all day long.

Coffee Grounds and Vinegar v/s Ants


The moment you see a couple of ants moving around in your kitchen, get the coffee grounds out and sprinkle it all around the windows and the entry points where the ants get through. This will stop them from coming into your kitchen.

Another great way to ward off ants is to use vinegar and a strong-smelling essential oil – like peppermint or citronella – to wipe your kitchen counters. Make sure to wipe all around the edges and the wall areas as well.

Bay Leaves v/s Wood Pests


Dried bay leaves are the best bet for keeping away wood pests and silverfish that might get inside your kitchen cabinets. You can just keep a few bay leaves in the corners of your cabinets or make sachets out of it with scrap cloth and hang it inside your wood cabinets. If you want a stronger smell, add a few cinnamon sticks to the sachets.

Lemon Spray v/s Spiders


Make an an all natural spray with soap water and essential oils of lemon or orange. 5 drops of either in about a litre of water should do the trick. You can bottle this up in a spray bottle and spritz it around your kitchen to keep away spiders. Spray pure undiluted lemon juice around the cracks in your kitchen walls to avoid spiders from burrowing in.

Once you’re done making the spray, collect the leftover lemon and orange peels and place them in the corners of your cabinets. This will prevent moths and other pests from coming into your kitchen.

Eucalyptus Oil v/s Pests


The essential oil of eucalyptus has a sweet, pungent smell that can ward off many pests. You can either use the undiluted oil to wipe kitchen counters or mix it with a little water and use it in a spray bottle to spritz around the place. As the water dries, the eucalyptus oil will evaporate into the air and keep the flies and bugs away from your kitchen.

Other Important Tips

  • Bugs hate it when it is all clean; especially cockroaches and rodents as they prefer to hide and multiply in dark, dirty corners.  Hence it is best to keep your kitchen counter clean and dry as moisture is environment friendly for kitchen pests to breed.
  • Sunlight can naturally make your kitchen germ-free. Ensure that your kitchen is well lit and airy so as to discourage mould growths. Dusting your shelves and throwing away unused food stuff like dry masalas or other powders, should be done frequently. Sweep or mop food bits from floors, kitchen tops, shelves as these act as free food for your kitchen pests.
  • Your trash can or garbage bin is one yummy retreat for the kitchen pests to enjoy. Rats love to rummage in dirty kitchen pests while fruit flies find it a perfect breeding ground for their family. Cockroaches and mosquitoes are also not far behind when it comes to garbage bins. Sealing your garbage bin with covers, closed dustbins are the only way to prevent these kitchen pests from entering your kitchen.

If you follow these tips, you will ward off those annoying kitchen pests easily. However, if you still encounter problems, it is best to consult a pest control professional and seek permanent remedies. After all, your kitchen deserves the best attention in your home.

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