The holiday season is upon us. Navratri’s already knocking on the door, and Diwali is lurking behind the corner waiting for its moment in the sun. Then, it’ll be time for Christmas and New Year and by the time we round off 2015, we would have spent huge amounts of money trying to deck up our living rooms for the celebrations. But what if you could use stuff that’s lying around at home and glam up your indoors with these, instead of scouring markets in the frigid rain and cold looking for baubles that will make your house look different from your neighbor’s? We have come up with five such tips that can help you turn old things lying around in your house into decorative treasure with some DIY crafts ideas. Read on….

 1. Paper/Cloth/Rope Tassels = Torans For Doorways

Torans are an important part of every Hindu celebration. I very happily remember childhood pujas and festivities with mango leaf decorations on the doorways. Now if you don’t have time to go around stringing mango leaf and marigold garlands you can make your own torans at home with bits of scrap paper, colorful cloth triangles, and even hemp rope and tassels. As long as you keep the creative doors open, there should be no dearth of material and inspiration to festoon your house doors with.


2. Paper Bags + Tea Lights = Amazing Lanterns

Chinese style paper lanterns are real fun to light up at the night time. Of late, it’s become a norm of sorts to use these lamps on special occasions like Diwali and New Year’s Eve. But these lamps can be pricey and they’re not very friendly to our winged friends in the sky either. Instead, you can achieve the same effect at home by using old paper bags, tea lights and/or electric lights. It’s a very cost effective and trash-friendly way of lighting up your special occasions.


3. Paper/Cloth Squares + Ribbons = Gift Bags

Another great way of using bits of paper left over from craft projects is to make gift bags out of them. Add your own spice to the sweetness by using quirky printed paper or drawing a fun doodle or two on the bag. You can even write funny messages if the bag is meant for someone close to you who would appreciate the joke Don’t forget to tie the bag up with colorful ribbons and some love before you gift it to someone.


4. Coconut Shell + Candle Wax = DIY Diyas

My mother always says that as important as it is to observe rituals during the Puja days, it is also important to keep your home clean and well-lit during the celebrations (and after!). The twinkling lights act as beacons for the mighty Goddess. I guess our deities hate clutter as much as my mom! Whatever the reason might be, there is no denying that lights, candles and diyas add a completely different aura to religious festivities. The good news is you can easily DIY your lights – from seashell candles to coconut shell diyas, there are a million ways to keep alive the festive flame without burning your pocket.


5. Old Glass Bottles + Creativity = Great Centerpieces

If there’s one thing that’s common in all our homes, it is the plethora of jars and glass bottles that pile up in the kitchen; seemingly on their own. Instead of giving these away to the raddiwala, why not use them in your decoration schemes? Wine bottles when painted make great centre pieces and vases, mason jars hold anything from candles to colored stones. And if there’s nothing else you can fit into your jars, some coffee beans or old style potpourri will work wonders too.

So these were our decor solutions and ideas. We would love to hear from you too – quick fixes that you use for celebratory events, recycling tips and more…Do hit back, and have an awesome time doing up your home for Navratri you guys!

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  1. This is a really informative article. I was looking for ideas for my new home and this has helped.

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