Getting a kitchen or wardrobe designed for the home, is a task none of us take lightly. All of us invest time and resources finding the right person or company who can give value for money, without compromising on quality. Yet, for the majority among us, deciding the right decor vendor often depends solely on references from family and friends. Often we spend days on shopping around for quotes, believing whatever is said and despite everything, are left unsatisfied and dejected.

selecting the right decor vendor can be stressful

The question then arises – what exactly does one look out for when selecting a good decor vendor? Is it the location, the right price point, online reviews, a renowned brand or attention to detail!

Decor vendors have grown out of an extremely unstructured, yet sound talent pool. Two decades ago, they comprised masons and carpenters who were good at their craft and true to quality and principles. With real estate boom and the subsequent mushrooming of apartments and homes, design became the prime focus, quality took a backseat and the market began to be taken over by players who over promised and under delivered. Much of what we see today in home decor is a mix of sound design and great quality, interspersed by shoddy work and questionable aesthetics.

Considering the above scenario, it is essential to understand the 5 Important Criteria that can guide you in selecting the right kitchen vendor. These are,


A service or product is often an extension of the person/company selling/marketing it. Trust is a character trait that is a part of the individual/brand’s personality. The onus of establishing trust in the customer’s mind lies with the brand. A vendor who has the integrity to deliver on his promise, and stand by his word is one who is dependable. Long term customer vendor relationships, that go beyond service and deliverables are always built on mutual trust.

What you can do : As a customer, look for signs, both verbal and non-verbal, that can give insights on whether a vendor can be trusted with the all important task of doing up your home. Check for testimonials, their previous work, the sincerity of expression and a personal contact. These are important pointers that speak of their work.


Homes are an investment. Money and time are major resources invested in shopping for furniture and designing them. Because of the amount of stress they are put under, furniture must be bought with great thought, and with the intention of lasting a lifetime. An important criteria during the buying process, is to associate with a vendor who promises great quality, and delivers on that promise.

What you can do : Quality of a vendor can be observed with the meticulous attention to detail, the kind of materials used, previous work and timely delivery. A vendor who maintains consistency in quality is one that can be relied on for a lifetime.


A person is only as a good as his word, and a brand is only as good as their deliverables. Reliability is at the core of a strong business, especially when it comes to home interiors. Reliability isn’t just restricted to sticking to deadlines, but extends to a vendor giving a customer exactly what was asked for.

What you can do : The reliability of a vendor can be gauged by the variety of options you are presented with, in terms of materials, designs and pricing quoted on these parameters. Vendors who are good at their word, give you exactly what you asked, are clear and firm with their reasoning for other suggested choices, never back down on their promise, and deliver quotes upfront while being open to customer inputs.


How good a business is in its particular niche, goes a long way in deciding how good their work will be. Expertise is gained in several ways and through many years, and always shows up in the final work and its quality. Expertise also lies in being completely knowledgeable of the subject matter, working with the customer to plan the best design that works for everyone involved.

What you can do : It is important for customers to understand the vendor’s expertise when choosing someone to work on their home decor. A reliable vendor is someone who is open to feedback, as well as gently but firmly guides the customer is working out the best solution that can satisfy all requirements.


A relative term, experience is one of the main parameters in choosing one business over the other. When it comes to vendor selection, in addition to experience, other parameters such as expertise and reliability are equally essential. It does happen over the course of time, that experienced businesses sometimes slacken on work, while new ones ensure they deliver on promises.

What you can do : Vendor selection based on experience is essential, but it need not be the only criteria. Experience can either be counted in years or substance of work. Whatever the case may be, you as a customer need to be aware of a vendor’s complete portfolio, before selecting them to work on your interiors.

Choosing a vendor to work on your home interiors is a decision that must not be left to luck or chance. Homes are lived in for a lifetime and need to be handled by people who realize their significance. At HomeLane we understand how important your money and time is, and showcase vendors who have met with and adhere to all the above criteria. Whether choosing your home interiors vendor through us or going with outside references, it is important to make an informed choice to decorate your dream home.

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