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Finding yourself short of ideas when you’re thinking about colour schemes for your living room? Perhaps a little inspiration might come in handy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dream colour scheme. There’s not a lot of people out there who’re matching shades from age 10 onwards and have it all worked out by age 27.

However, it’s important that you find a colour scheme that suits your space, that doesn’t annoy you. it’s true that colours tend to intensify moods or emotions, so choose with a reasonable amount of care.

Here are five contemporary colour schemes for the living room:

Black and white living roomMonochrome with one contrast colour
I know the word monochrome tends to produce a bit of a yawn in many people, but the way to snap out of it is to add one note of difference. So let’s say you go for black and white, and you have all that classy coolness. You can break the monotony of it by adding that one popping colour. You could choose a bright solid, like yellow or red, for some of your accents, one part of your furniture, top it off with a bright vase. Or you could soften the black-and-white sternness with a powder blue, with breezy blue curtains, cushion covers. Keep your sofas and furniture in solid blacks and whites, and for your walls go for a cloudy off-white balanced by a delicate blue. For the truly bold, break it up with neon colours. Bold digital print neon cushion covers, retro-style lamps – it’s a striking and unusual style statement.

Neutral colours living roomNeutrals
For those who don’t like too much colour interference in their everyday, neutrals might be the best option. They tend to harmonise really well, you can make a medley of cream, coffee brown and beige or just shades of grey with your walls and furniture. If that seems a little too safe, add some earth tones with your cushions, curtains and accents – a mossy green, some rich mustard. Add a hint of dull gold with your vases or collectibles, and you’ll find your living room becoming a space to linger in. There’s a tendency for neutrals to look a bit cold, so go ahead and add one or two warm splashes of colour, even a bright red throw.

Blue and white living roomThose dreamy blues!
You must have sighed over pictures of the blue and white Greek coastline. Get a little bit of that into your home. Go for whites and slight blue tints on your walls, deep or sunny blues with your cushion covers, creamy whites with your sofas. Add some light blue curtains and you’ll almost feel that sea breeze wafting in through your windows. With this look, you can really go all out with prints and patterns, as long as you stick with your colour scheme, so go ahead and find that blue and white carpet, those block print curtains. You’ll find it all blending in quite beautifully.

Bright colours living roomBright contrasts
Think you’d like something a bit more imaginative? If you’re willing to take a lot of effort with the shopping, you can try going for a cool, light grey with your walls and then throwing combinations of pinks, turquoise and yellow with your furniture. Try a light-coloured sofa and then throw in some pink and turquoise cushions. A bright yellow vase on the coffee table. One colourful patterned chair. Keeping the larger furniture items in softer colours will allow you the space to go wild with your accents, without having a living room that’s a tad too eclectic to be living in.

Darker tones living roomDarker, moody tones
If your living room gets plenty of light, then you might find yourself trying darker shades on your walls – greys, blues and muted greens being the easiest to handle in large quantity. You can break this up by going white with your fixed furniture, and choosing lighter shades with your sofas. And bring the theme back with your cushion covers – deep greens, navies, wine reds. Add one or two touches of oddity, an unconventional yellow or red, if you think you might be finding it all getting too solemn.

Does that get you thinking? Perhaps some highly individualized schemes are popping up in your brain right now. If it seems a little heavy to think about accents, furniture and walls at the same time, remember that the end result can be richly rewarding.

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