Plants can liven up any kind of home decor. Thriving greens in the home inject a freshness, sense of warmth, health and well being. If you’re wondering how to begin placing them around, and what kind will suit the home, here are 3 common household plants you should keep.

Among the many things we do to decorate our home, adding plants is one simple, easy and very affordable option. They brighten up the space instantly. Selecting the right ones for homes can be a bit difficult. Knowing which plant must be kept indoors and outdoors, their watering needs and how long they take to grow can be very confusing. Plants are good for interiors and purify the air that we breathe. They reduce stress and help health. Below are a few you must have in your home.

1. MONEY PLANT (Epipremnum aureum)

An evergreen vine that can grow anywhere, money plants are very resilient, can withstand changes in weather and don’t need much light to grow. They look beautiful hanging out of pots, or growing on window sills. They have green, heart shaped leaves and just need a lattice to grow and spread. This plant is good for purifying the indoor air and is considered auspicious and lucky by Vaastu Shastra when placed in the southeast part of the home.

Care of the Plant – The plant can grow in mud and water in any kind of vessel. It is good for DIY projects and looks perfect on window sills as well as in pots kept at a height. It needs to be repotted when the roots grow too dense and thick. If the leaves get too brown or dry, it means the soil is difficient in nutrients. The plant needs watering just once or twice a week and pruning every 3 months. It is slightly toxic and must be kept away from the hands of children.

2. ARECA PALM (Dypsis lutescens)

The Areca palm is one of the commonest and easiest houseplant to grow. It is sturdy and low maintenance, withstands stressful weather and lack of sunlight. The palm fronds continuously purify the air, getting rid of noxious chemicals found in waxes, nail polishes and paints and also absorbs all kinds of gases. The Areca leaves are non poisonous and non-toxic and can be placed in corners of homes.

Care of the Plant – These plants can grow to a great height, so a sturdy pot is important to plant them in. When the roots become big, the plant needs to be shifted to a bigger pot or outdoors. Pots with large drain holes are important or the plant starts to brown and die. Palm leaves are prone to mealy bug infestation and therefore the stem needs to be pruned regularly and plant needs to be fertilised every 3-4 months.

3. PEACE LILY (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

It is difficult to ignore the beauty of the peace lily in restaurants, wedding halls and other fine dining spaces. These plants are beautiful and are much favoured by households, adaptable to any type of temperature and weather conditions. As visually pleasing as they are, peace lily also cleanses the air, removing noxious gases, chemicals and alcholohs (found in furniture stains, cleaning agents and gadgets). They are most suited in bathrooms, entrance ways and even living rooms since these parts of the home see the most activity.

Care of the Plant – Peace lily plant grows wide so an ideal shape of a pot should be wide and round. Drain holes prevent rotting of roots. The plan thrives in shady places and those without sunlight. Watering can be done once in 3-5 days depending on the weather. The plant needs to be trimmed every couple of months, needs minimal fertilisers but has an irritating sap. It is better to keep the plant away from children and pets.

Bamboo plants, Aloe Vera and Snake plants can also be used inside the home. Plants can change the way a home looks and feels. They brighten up the space, clean the air and help in emotional wellbeing.

Do you grow plants in your home? Share them with us in the comments.

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