Among the most comfortable furniture in a home is the sofa. Sofa sets unlike other furniture, rarely get a makeover. Changing a sofa cover, putting together new materials, designs and accessories happens once in a while. When you’re doing it that one time however, it is important to do it right.

Reupholstering sofas is a very difficult task, because homeowners are spoilt for choices with the array of, styles, fabrics and colour readily available everywhere. Although style and colour are often the first things to be considered when selecting fabrics, the durability and cost effectiveness are equally important. Below are 3 criteria to consider before upholstering/ re-doing sofas.


Fabrics for sofa sets should be suitable for the kind of sofa you have. Also important to consider is the pattern which should blend in smoothly with the rest of the room. Small rooms sit well with small prints and simple patterns of sofa covers, while large prints and extravagant patterns are better for large rooms.


Color is one of the primary factors for selecting sofa fabric. Selecting your favourite color isn’t important, but seeing how it fits into your living space is. Light coloured fabrics and pastel shades look good but can be painful to maintain, especially with small children and pets around at home. Selecting dark colours is easy to maintain and clean. Changing fabrics during festivities to a more opulent, glamorous velvet or satin changes the look of sofa sets. 

Color also affects moods. Darker shades make living rooms look smaller and formal, while light shades make the room look airier and bigger. Mixing and matching colors makes for an eclectic and kitschy style, reflecting a bohemian look.


Large sofa sets, sectional ones where the family frequently congregates will be exposed to much wear and tear. Tough, durable and tightly woven fabric covers are best for them. Cotton fabric is resistant to wearing and fading, but gets wrinkled and soiled easily. Leather lasts longer but requires special care and attention. Jute, linen and hemp are warm, eco-friendly and natural fabrics that are resilient and look good as sofa covers. 

When it comes to cushion covers, they can be changed frequently. Just changing them, transforms the look of sofa sets so what material they are made from isn’t essential.

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  1. This blog was very helpful in term of sofa Re-Upholstering,the idea for it can come in use for me while doing my sofa re-upholstering.Thank you for this blog.

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