Wardrobes in bedrooms are great places to store clothing and accessories. They separate the changing areas from the rest of the bedroom and also keep the space neat and clutter-free. But did you know that there are different types of wardrobes that you can choose from?


Types of wardrobes

Also called Swing Door Wardrobes, this is the commonest wardrobe type where the shutter is attached to the carcass of the closet by a hinge. A conventional choice, hinged or swing doors can be designed as per the layout – L-shaped, triangular, pentagonal.

Ideal For– Any kind of bare shell space, pre-painted and pre-floored. It is suitable for large and small width spaces.

Pros- Hinged wardrobes are easy to install, easy to move around and also cheaper when compared to sliding ones. They can also easily fit into an L-shaped corner or asymmetric spaces

Cons- These wardrobes may look ordinary and need more clearance space to open and close.


Types of wardrobes

As the name implies, Sliding Door Wardrobes glide horizontally on metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the closet. These doors afford plenty of room since they just glide sideways and don’t open out. They are suitable against a single wall.

Ideal For- Rooms with medium to large widths, pre-painted and pre-floored.

Pros- Sliding wardrobes are space saving, look classy and elegant and need less clearance space when compared with hinged ones.

Cons- These wardrobes may not fit into asymmetrical rooms, and are comparatively expensive (2-3 times as much as a hinged wardrobe of a similar proportion). The sliding channels can sometimes not last very long if they are not sturdy.


Types of wardrobes

Walk-in closets are increasingly being preferred for larger apartments and home. They help to keep the dressing area separate from the main bedroom, provide more storage and are either closed off by a modular sliding partition or lined with wood to give the feel of a traditional wardrobe.

Ideal For- Large bedrooms in apartments and bungalows.

Pros- Walk-in wardrobes are classy, afford privacy and prevent spillage of clothing into the main bedroom.

Cons- These wardrobes are quite expensive to build, and need an additional space in the bedroom for storage

Decide what kind of wardrobe you want based on the size and shape of the room. A large straight wardrobe for a couple is best for storage, whereas walk-in closets are preferable for large rooms. This creates a separate alcove space even for storage of additional items.

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    Thanks for sharing a great blog. Designing a perfect wardrobe is very important for keeping necessary things inside it. It is also important before constructing a wardrobe one should plant properly.

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